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Wednesday so far

It's been quiet thus far.  I thought about going out to [really big used bookstore], but it started snowing and I decided to stay in.  I was waiting for the AE recap of Glee.  Heather did it because Christie is on vacation.  I like Christie's recaps because she has some of the dialogue and recounts what actually happened in the episode.  Heather gives her impressions and does reimaginings.  I prefer sticking closer to what was going on.

However, Heather suggested a drinking game that was pretty good, drinking every time the teachers did something that was a fireable offense, with bonus points for things that were felonies.  I mostly drink Kahlua and cream, which wouldn't have been good for some of the scenes.

Letters from Titan had a take on it that had Emma as the Maiden, Sue as the Mother, and Kurt as the Crone.  I agree with some of what she says about Kurt being magical, but I wasn't so sure about "Crone."  Still, her interpretations are interesting.

Julia (crown of weeds) had a few impressions.  She approved of Becky.  Becky was acting independently, which was reassuring in a way to me.  I had been wanting signs that she was acting independently for quite some time before these last few episodes.

I think this is going to be one of those episodes that I just fast-forward through some parts of, the parts I can't deal with.  Then there are scenes I'll watch again, like Kurt's talk with Finn.  I'm glad there are opportunities for Ricky Martin to come back.  He's quite a performer.
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