neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Monday so far

There's actually been a good bit of Monday so far, since I woke at eight.  I'd gone to sleep probably not that much past midnight or twelve-thirty.  I read blogs and watched season two episodes of Glee that I had on DVD.  "Prom Queen" is such a good episode.  Poor Kurt.  He's really a strong person, though.

I made it to an appointment that was in the early afternoon.  I stopped by the grocery store, then went to Staples for a bit and looked at the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch.  I didn't feel like getting the Kindle Fire, and didn't feel that much like getting the Kindle Touch.  I'm sure my obsession about getting a Kindle will return at some point, but it seems to have ebbed at the moment.
Tags: window-shopping

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