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I got a fair amount done today.  Mom and I went to Goodwill to donate some things.  I need to go through my clothes again and donate some of them, but Mom was just happy to get a few more things out of the house.

We went to Best Buy, and I got a wall charger for my iPod, which I'd been wanting for quite some time.  My brother passed his iPod down to me when he got an iPhone, so it's an old one, with the wheel.  I don't know if it's first generation, but it's an early generation.  I figured that if we were going to Florida, I'd need a wall charger.  I have two adaptors for my e-readers.  I'll most likely bring the pocket e-reader with me.

We stopped at the grocery store, of course, and picked up a few things.

I made a CD with songs from Glee and songs that I associate with German soap operas, like Sia's "Breathe Me."  I was inspired because of what Mom was watching on TV.  It's figure skating season.  I had muted the commercials of the show while Mom went and did something.  She unmuted it when she got back, and the skater was skating to "Defying Gravity."  I didn't hear all of the first part, but I'm pretty sure it was the duet version.  It was definitely a Glee cover, and I recognized Lea Michele's voice.  I forget how Glee is a mainstream show, and more of a part of pop culture than just on AE and for some bloggers with a particular interest.  The commentators said it was "Defying Gravity."  I had recognized that much.
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