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Although I got books, I didn't read the books.  I read a lot of blogs, though.  It's interesting to be getting back into reading blogs by disabled bloggers.  A few years ago I was regularly reading a blog called "NTs Are Weird" by someone on the autism spectrum.  I don't remember the blogger's name, but he had some great things to say, and it was very educational.  NT was short for "Neurologically Typical."  I loved the irony.

At least one of the blog entries on LOVE-NOS links to the blog of someone named Joe, who uses a wheelchair.  I remembered when I was using a wheelchair and walker, the walker being what was given to me to use and the wheelchair being what Dad borrowed from a veterans' organization he belonged to.  The wheelchair was delightful to use compared to the walker.  As I journaled in great detail, I couldn't put any weight at all on my right leg when I broke my ankle.  I could rarely use the wheelchair out of the house because Mom couldn't lift it into or out of the car, but it was great for getting around the kitchen and living room.

We borrowed S.M.'s travel chair, which had belonged to her mother.  It was meant for someone else to push you, not for you to wheel yourself, but I could kind of get around in it myself by kicking my left foot.  It was somewhat lighter than the wheelchair, so it was just possible for Mom to lift it into and out of the car.  That was helpful at times.

In October of that year, I went to the alumni reunion for the GLBT organization at [local university].  I brought both wheelchair and walker, but used the wheelchair.  The hotel was rather inaccessible.  There was a service elevator way around the back to get to the lower level ballroom if you couldn't use the stairs, and another set of elevators to get to a restroom.  But in the ballroom itself, I was wonderfully mobile with the wheelchair.

I guess I had no fear of wheelchairs, given that I'd worked as an assisted-living nursing aide on and off for nine years.  I wasn't worried about any stigma.  As I've said various places, I am glad to be able to walk again.  I was really glad to be able to drive again.  But in the time I couldn't walk, I got the most out of the use of the wheelchair that I could.

And there I am, journaling about my temporary disability again.  Once I wasn't in pain anymore, it just became a question of handling my mobility impairment.  I think I dealt with it pretty gracefully, so to speak, all things considered. 
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