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Friday so far

I got a decent night of sleep, which made me feel better.  I was getting worried.  I woke sometime at nine-something or ten-something.  It's not like I got moving quickly, but I had breakfast and paid some bills before I lay down again for a bit.  I didn't go back to sleep, just thought about things with my eyes closed and drifted a little.

S.D. came.  I vacuumed my room while the vacuum cleaner was upstairs.  I can't carry it up and down the stairs.  I couldn't before I damaged my ankle.

I went out for a bit.  It's colder than it had been, but the snowdrops, winter honeysuckle and sweet violets are blooming.  I haven't crashed into my seasonal affective whatever -- nothing official, just my guess -- yet this year.  I'm sad that Grandma S. is so ill, but otherwise I'm hanging in there.  I went backwards to some extent in January for reasons I could make good guesses about, but got through it.

I'm reading Just Stimming and "this is not a democracy" ( posts, some of them repeatedly.  I want to get all I can into my memory, because it's making sense out of a lot of things about Glee for me.  Julia attributes much more purposefulness to the writers than I do.  She's got some great stuff about queerness and disability.

I went book shopping at Harlequin e-books.  I got others in that series by Kay Stockham, and one that was on sale related to a free book I'd gotten from Kobo quite some time ago.  The free book worked well enough for me to get two others from Kobo and the one direct from Harlequin/Mira.  I think free books work well to give samples of writing quality.  So I got the one on sale, and one for the normal price at the publisher's site, then found a coupon from Dear Author for 10% off, and saved a dollar on two books.

(Edited: It was The Sheriff's Daughter, Montana Skies and Montana Secrets from Kay Stockham.  The book by Stephanie Bond was Baby, Don't Go.  Stephanie's series is set in the modern day, but the attitudes are rather retro.  Well, as far as I'd gotten, they were.  The free one really got me into the whole rebuilding premise, though.)

Harlequin's $4 off coupon worked pretty well to get me shopping there.  Also, getting one from the library worked to get me to buy other books in the series, for anyone who doubts whether getting library books will encourage people to buy books.  Well, like I need any excuse to buy books.  But I think it works for other readers as well.

I'll probably do some shopping from other e-publishers.  I'll see what Carina has.  I regularly check Samhain, Loose Id and Amber Allure.  I like that they don't have DRM.  I'm pretty sure that I posted that I got the print version of With Abandon the other day.  Kris is doing posts about book ratings.  I don't rate books, just talk about them here and sometimes elsewhere.  Elsewhere I mostly just talk about books I like.

I may well go out shopping for physical things later.  I've had a pretty good day so far, though.  I got done things I wanted to get done, and had a little fun as well.  I think it's good for me to get outside, especially with flowers blooming.

Later: I went out, but only to pick up Chinese food for dinner.  It's gotten dramatically colder out since the sun went down.
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