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and later still Thursday

I did some editing.  Mostly it was reading the previous several books in the series to check for continuity.  The continuity was good, and the story itself was clean.

I'm getting so much out of Julia's Glee posts in "this is not a democracy."  I pointed Tiger Cub to the "Alien Invasion" post.  He'd made similar comments on the AE Glee recap at the time the episode aired.  Not about Brittany's "Bad Brains," but about what "alien invasion" meant.  I thought it was more surrealism, but if you take it seriously it's spooky.

If you take Brittany's worldview relatively seriously in Glee terms, she does fall into the Uncanny Valley.  I most likely said this before, but I considered how Kurt, Artie and Santana have consensual reality, and how Brittany's views diverge from that so wildly.  Perhaps it's deliberate that she's not saying much lately.  The other students who have been in New Directions for a while are vividly aware of what she's like.

I'm also getting a lot from the Letters from Titan posts that talk about Blaine.  RM said that he breaks Finn's rules for guys wanting to be friends.  Finn is very clear on what guys do and don't do.  RM has some very interesting things about how Blaine looks at gender.  He enjoys the company of other boys much more than Kurt does.  It does something to you when you're attracted to the same group of people who treat you badly.  Kurt's got to have some of that pain.

The show is taking on effeminiphobia this year.  Well, it had been generally, but it's getting very specific now, with Sebastian, the villain, insulting Kurt because Kurt's effeminate.  As many teenaged girls -- and more than a few boys -- will attest, just because someone's effeminate doesn't mean they can't be attractive.  It must be changing the minds of the younger generation.
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