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I thought this week's episode of Glee was good.  I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan, but I like his music well enough.  (*spoilers*)  Poor Blaine.  Well, it was a good way to get him out of action for a couple of weeks, yet still leave him able to be talked about.  This ensures that he'll never do anything with Sebastian, given the injury Sebastian caused him.  I wonder how long Blaine will be wearing the eye patch.  It might be for an episode or two after he comes back.

The episode's message was a rather anvilicious "we're people," said by Artie.  That goes right back to what Julia in LOVE-NOS said months ago.  The most clearly disabled person in the room was saying he was a person, and saying that he had a lot of emotional pain about being treated like trash.  He even referenced being thrown in Dumpsters, which was what the jocks used to do to Kurt.

Kurt agreed with Artie about being a person in pain, but said that the group had to take the high road.  In fact, he ended up being the leader in the episode.  Kurt's lover was wounded, and he had to figure out how to beat the enemy.  Artie was one of the bigger participants in it, too.

The line about "boy clothes" didn't even faze Kurt.  He was wearing a poncho in a scene soon afterwards.  Kurt had much bigger things to worry about than the villain saying something effeminiphobic.  His New Directions family knows exactly what Kurt is.

Kurt's actual family was there, too.  Burt was there with Kurt when Kurt opened the letter from the school he wanted to get into.  Kurt turned out to be a finalist.  I don't know if he'll get in or not, but he got that far.  Burt counted it as a victory, and father and son had their signature big hug.

Kurt and Artie led the ending, and got the Warblers, except for Sebastian, up on stage to sing with New Directions.  The Warblers were no longer going along with Sebastian.  We'll see what happens come Regionals.  I hope Blaine will be back by then, eye patch or no.

The students in New Directions felt betrayed that Blaine was talking to Sebastian, but once Blaine was injured, he became considered family again.  Kurt was with Blaine at Blaine's house, and Finn and Rachel came, too.  Kurt, Finn and Rachel sang to Blaine while Kurt held Blaine's hand.

Altogether, it was a satisfying episode, with a fair amount of plot given how many songs there were.
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