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TeddyPig has been posting on The Naughty Bits about Dan Savage being glitter-bombed.  Apparently this is the third time lately.  It seems that Dan Savage has said what some people consider to be offensive things in his time.  (Added: I'm sure I'd consider many of them offensive.)  If I'm not mistaken, the salutation on Savage Love was "Hey, faggot!" for many years, maybe still is.  It seems like much of his effort was to reclaim words.  His views on trans/genderqueer issues have evolved over the years.  I know mine did after I read Becoming a Visible Man and Stone Butch Blues.

I don't think glitter-bombing is necessarily a good way to get your point across.  It's bringing up a lot of transphobia from the L and G parts of LGBT.  Also, various radical activists are complaining, among other things, that Dan is fat-phobic.  Seriously, do fat people have no-one to speak for them?  Just in Philadelphia alone, there are thousands and thousands of overweight people.  I'm overweight.  I'd just as soon speak for myself.  If I'd start exercising and eating better, I'm sure I'd lose weight.

Sure, some people have a mix of -isms to combat.  I didn't see in college, and still don't see, why some activists are taking on every issue at once.  What does being fat have to do with being a minority?  Fat people are not a minority in the U.S.  I'm using that one conveniently, because I feel I actually have the right to speak on that.

It seems accurate to me that B and T are tacked onto L and G in LGBT in many group names, T especially, without it being followed up on as far as the activism of the group goes.  Some organizations are more truly inclusive than others.  There's still a lot of biphobia in places as well.

The radicals who are anti-marriage and anti-military are probably not going to get too far with the community.  There are many folks within the community who would be quite conservative politically if they weren't gay or lesbian.  Some still are conservative except for gay rights politics.  I'm liberal, but definitely not radical.  I think someone who wishes to get married or serve in the military should have the right to.  I'm glad that Don't Ask, Don't Tell was finally lifted.  It did not work out in practice as it was supposed to in theory.  It's much better that it's gone.

So that was my politically incorrect rant.

(Added: For anyone new, I identify as bisexual.  I've posted about that before on this journal.  It's not a secret online, or to people I know in real life who are younger than me, or to my immediate family.  The garden club ladies just know that I like gay romance, but I haven't gone further in explaining things to them.  They're all senior citizens, and most are quite religious.  P. is very religious.  But, yeah, I identify as queer.)
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