neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Monday, somewhat later

S. called after the GLBT organization meeting and we talked for half an hour.  Part was about the meeting, and about how the history presentation was out of chronological order.  "You did a history presentation last year, didn't you?" I asked.  S. had.  I remembered being there for it.  His was around issues, but he stayed in order.

Part was about family, and there was a bit about S.'s relationship.  We talked about S.'s internship and on-campus job.  We talked a little about M. being a Glee fan, and me being a Glee fan.  "I hate Glee," S. said.  No, I'm not going to fire him as my secret love child, as I did when I didn't hear from him all summer one summer.  Note that I took him back after a couple of months that time.  I took it as S. being really not into it.  We have other things we can talk about.  It didn't strike me as a reason to fire him.

Although I didn't get out except to pick snowdrops, I had contact with real life in talking to S.  He doesn't get a "family" tag, but he gets a "friends" tag.
Tags: friends

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