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Mom and I went shopping.  She returned things at K-Mart, and I looked at hoodies.  More pieces on the zipper on one of my black ones broke off, so it's rough and can't be washed with other clothes.  I want another black hoodie with a working zipper.  K-Mart didn't have black ones.  I'd already gotten the pink one they had.

We went to Sears to look for shoes, and I got a pair of black sneakers.  They have this "tone" thing, so they have round bumps on the sole, which I didn't notice when I tried shuffling around a bit in the store.  I noticed when I tried them on again at home.  It feels different, but perhaps I can get used to it.  They were $50, but they were on sale for $15, so I didn't spend that much on them.

S.M. e-mailed wanting Dad and me to come over to fix her printer.  I'd missed her e-mail of yesterday.  I called her and we talked.  There's an annual meeting at the church my folks go to, so they'll be there part of the afternoon.  I told S.M. that she could e-mail me the things she wanted to print out for garden club, and I could print them out for her.

J. called.  He and K. were thinking of coming for a visit, but it didn't look like it was happening.  I said I could come three-quarters of the way and they could meet me and guide me to their apartment complex.  I know how to get to Baltimore, but I haven't been to their apartment that much.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow afternoon.

I'm watching episodes from the third season of Glee.  I watched the second half of the fifth episode, "The First Time" and the sixth episode, "Mash-Off."  In "Mash-Off," Finn outs Santana.  I'm now watching episode seven, "I Kissed a Girl," in which Finn orchestrates Santana's coming out, but in a trying-to-be-helpful way.  I thought it was patronizing of him, and clumsily done, but I enjoyed Kurt and Blaine's duet as they try to support Santana.  She doesn't appreciate it, but I did.

Later: I watched through "Yes/No."  I liked the previous episode, the Christmas episode, a lot, especially Kurt and Blaine's chalet and their interactions with each other.  Though Kurt says Blaine's his "best friend and holiday roommate," it comes across as more than that.  Blaine has his arm around Kurt's shoulders frequently.  Their body language is that of lovers.  Kurt wasn't ready to come out to western Ohio, but it wouldn't have been difficult for an observer looking for it to see that Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends.
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