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I did some editing.  I continued with my Glee season two marathon, and finished it up.  I went to the local Barnes & Noble and got Glee: The Beginning, which is a prequel novel.  We'll see how that is.  I hope it's at least as good as some of the fan fiction, though I don't expect it will be as good as the best of the fan fiction.

I had flowering tea today.  After having Jade Fortune twice (there were two in the box), I think this one was Black Beauty.  I'm surprised they could use that name, but I guess it wasn't copyrighted for tea.  It was darker than Jade Fortune and had a different flavor.  I wish I could tell the difference between the two kinds of tea by looking at the dried version.

My Glee obsession is an obsession I'm enjoying.  I have plenty of other people who have the same obsession and are happy to talk about it with me.  S.M. said that seeing the song videos and hearing the actor and character names was catching her up with pop culture a little bit.  I shared those songs I thought she'd like.  She was a music teacher for many years.  I think that out of what I played, S.M. liked Rachel's singing the best.  I'll have to find more song videos of Rachel singing show tunes.

J. called and we talked for a bit.  He had a very good day at work today.  I was glad to hear it.  He said K. had started a volunteer job today, too.

Later: I read Glee: The Beginning.  A few of the POV switches were awkward.  The characterization was better than the average fan fiction story, though not near the characterization of really good fan fiction.  This had the characters interacting considerably more than you'd think from the beginning of the show, though I suppose that was unavoidable.

I thought that a book aimed at young teens would really downplay Kurt being gay, but it didn't.  I didn't believe there was any way a book tie-in could make that go away, but I thought that perhaps it wouldn't mention it, or mention it once or twice.  It didn't have it as the specific reason he was bullied, and it easily could have.  Although Kurt first came out to Mercedes in the third episode, and to his father in the fourth episode, on the show he was assumed from the start to be gay by almost all of the students, including Finn and Puck.

Sandy Ryerson was conveniently away at a dolls convention.  One of the students had a passing thought that he was creepy, but I guess it would have been hard to characterize him in a book designed for a young teenage girl audience.  It didn't have the Quinn and Finn in a hot tub scene, or the Quinn and Puck sex scene, though it had interaction between Quinn and Finn, and Quinn and Puck.  I suppose the book did what it could with the limitations of audience age.  I didn't expect it to be written for adults, but the show has some adult themes, considering the time slot.  I like how fan fiction can run with adult themes.

I think I'll consider the book semi-in-canon.  It's not canon like the show itself, and it's not outside of canon like fan fiction.  The show doesn't have to go with what happened in the book, and in fact it doesn't.  The book apparently provides some information for fan fiction.  Although that most likely wasn't the intention, that's what it would seem useful for.  I would have liked a book as in canon as you can get with a book tie-in for a show, yet aimed at adults, but I knew that wasn't what I was getting.   
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