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I went to S.M.'s for lunch.  She had complained that her computer wasn't communicating with her printer.  I didn't think it was something I could fix, but I tried.  No luck.

I brought my Glee DVDs with me and played some of the songs from the "jukebox" on some of the DVDs.  They're the video versions of the songs in the shows.  There's no context, except that I provided a little here and there, like telling S. that Kurt was wearing black and singing "Blackbird" because Pavarotti the canary died.  Mostly, though, I played the show tunes for her.  She enjoyed those.  S. thought that Chris and Darren were both really cute.  She liked the Dalton Academy's school uniforms.  I explained that Kurt attended Dalton for a while and then went back to public school, as we went through some of the second season songs.

It was a tasty lunch.  I was a little frustrated about not being able to get S.'s computer and printer to talk to each other, but hadn't expected that was something I could do.  I gave it half an hour or forty-five minutes of effort.  After that we just shared the music.
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