neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Thursday into Friday

I read T.A. Chase's Nick of Time.  I then re-read Allergies, the previous one, and Love's Baggage, the third in the series.  Love's Baggage made a lot more sense after I read Nick of TimeAllergies was much lighter than the following books.  I had stayed away from Nick of Time because it looked from the blurb and the excerpt that it was so dark.  It was dark at the beginning, but then the characters had a chance to heal and fight on a fair level.

I started reading The Given and the Taken by L.A. Witt, which is a very different sort of book with vampires and werewolves.  I got inexplicably tired around midnight, and figured there was no real point in fighting it.

Today: I had breakfast and some Jade Fortune tea.  I have some phone calls to make, including to the podiatrist to see if I can come pick up my orthotics.  That may be the most exciting thing I do all day.

S.M. had called Wednesday to see if I wanted to get together Thursday.  I said I had an appointment then, so we decided to try to get together for lunch on Saturday, weather permitting.

Later: No free books listed on Dear Author today.  Maybe they'll have some in the next couple of days.

Later still: I read Love in War, by Andrew Grey.
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