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overused words and phrases

Here J.L. Langley talks about how editors can catch things like that:  I mostly read Fiction with Friction for the little stories, but this reminds me that I've been meaning to post on this topic for quite some time.  Here are some I see: "weeping cock" -- A. said it sounded like the cock was sad.  To me it sounds like a disease of some sort.  "Her moisture ran down her thighs" and variants thereof.  Honestly, I think it sounds like that would be someone wetting herself.  Not to mention the stories in which "her cream" tastes like honey, or melons, or some other really appealing sort of fruit.  Um, I don't think so.  Others: he/she was "boneless" post-orgasm.  He/she licked him from "base to tip" or, more rarely, "tip to base."  This is in practically every story I see in which there is a penis.  Anal sex has the recipient being stretched with one finger, than two, than three, in just that order.  I think Jessewave did a post or poll on this, in which it was generally agreed that stretching was a good idea, but that formula was getting a little tired. 
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