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Tuesday night into Wednesday

I read Lynn Lorenz' book C'est la Vie, and then went back and read the previous two book in the series, Pinky Swear and Pioneers.  Sebastian's age was cut by a decade between the end of Pinky Swear and the beginning of Pioneers.  He's eighty in Pinky Swear, a couple of years pass between that and Pioneers, where he's seventy-something, and then he gives his age at the end of C'est la Vie.

I recommended C'est la Vie to U. of AfterElton.  He enjoys stories with older protagonists.  I enjoyed Pinky Swear, with Matt and Lane's story, and Pioneers, with Sebastian's history.  In C'est la Vie, Sebastian is still charming, and Ray is like an older fairytale prince.  I'm not used to thinking of characters in their seventies being sexual, though.  It was a mental switch I tried to make.  I'm sure U. will love it, though.

I read Deirdre O'Dare's Smoke and...Spots?  It had firemen in a small town, Grady with a nephew he became guardian of when his sister died.  He was coming to take over as chief.  Sully was a veteran at that fire company who had wanted to be the chief.  Sparks of all kinds fly.  I liked some of the Canine Cupids stories better, though.  This was a decent book, but I thought there would be more about the Dalmation, and the relationship, and there was more about Grady's nephew Jamie and firefighting.  Not that fighting fires isn't important in a story with that as the protagonists' jobs, but it was a novella, and I wished there had been more relationship development.
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