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I stayed up very late finishing Kay Stockham's A Hero in the Making.  Now I want to read the previous several books in the series, but am getting the message that the coupon code has already been used.  Yes, I have used it a few times.  I missed once and paid full price for a book, but I got three or four books with the $4 off coupon over the past three weeks or so.  I'll try again tonight, maybe after midnight.

In the book, Skylar's son Cody has retreated into his own world since his stepfather Tom died, and insists that his father is a vampire and will come back.  Skylar flees to Montana from New York City.  It seems a large part of why she does is that she's afraid the doctors will put Cody on meds.  I thought he needed them.  He was deep into his fantasy world and completely obsessing about his father being a vampire.

Skylar is surprised to run into Cody's biological father Marcus out in Montana.  This is where I probably should have read the previous books in the series, because it seemed like Skylar's female relatives had done a lot of scheming to put them together, without knowing the situation.

Marcus uses a wheelchair.  He's paralyzed from the knees down, which I hadn't heard of before.  Perhaps it's something that happens if you get an injury lower down on your spinal cord.  It's specifically noted that he still has feeling in his thighs, so he can walk a little bit with leg braces and canes.  The characters treat him like they would anybody else, but I got mad about it.  Skylar's stepfather, who's a policeman or sheriff, hits Marcus.  You'd think a law enforcement officer would arrest someone who punches someone who uses a wheelchair, not do it himself.  When Skylar wants to get away from Marcus at one point, she moves his wheelchair out of his reach so she can get "a head start."  Seriously?  I wouldn't want to have anything to do with the woman after that.  Marcus even thinks that he should have been angry about it, but that he just saw it as a challenge.

Today so far: I woke late because I stayed up so late, but I've gotten a fair amount of laundry done.

It's Totally Tuesdays day at Rainbow eBooks, and I picked up You Can Choose Your Friends by Zahra Owens, which is a prequel to You Can't Choose Your Family.  I'd read You Can't Choose Your Family last year.  I think I might have gotten that one in a sale, or perhaps as part of the Advent Calendar of 2010.  I'm re-reading You Can't Choose Your Family.

It looks like I got You Can't Choose Your Family as part of a Dreamspinner Advent Calendar package.  I read You Can Choose Your Friends.  I figured that Fran would have a lot of internalized homophobia because of his family background.  It was pretty bad.  I knew it would all work out eventually, and enjoyed the book as things got more hopeful.  It was interesting to see exactly how Fran and Jay's relationship develops, though things are mentioned in You Can't Choose Your Family.
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