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Monday so far

Publishers and shopping: I did some shopping at AQP and found that the EC free promo book is on the home page, although unmarked unless you click on it.  I got the free BDSM one.

Later: I felt it would be good for me to get out of the house, so I went with the parental units on their trip to Goodwill.  They dropped off a big bag of clothes.  Dad and I went in to the store to look around.  Mom stayed in the car.  I asked her if she wanted to read a straight romance on my e-reader, but she said she didn't want to have to have her gloves off.

We went to the library.  I got A Lion Among Men, the third in Gregory Maguire's Wicked Years series, and placed a hold on the fourth, which was available at another library in the system.  I got Whose Body? again.  I'd had it for weeks before and didn't get very far into it.  Maybe this time I'll do better.  I've heard the Lord Peter Wimsey series is very good.  There are several books in the series, so if I get into it I'll have a number of mysteries to read.

We went to the grocery store, where I got cream, among other things.  Dad pointed out that this week's TV Guide was the one with Glee actors on the cover, so I got that.  I've got to remember to watch and tape the show tomorrow night.

We went to the produce place.  We got raspberries, blueberries, oranges and possibly some other fruits.  I got blood oranges again.

I tried a couple of times to make comments on AE this afternoon, and couldn't comment.  I think it's site-wide problems in this case.  I'll e-mail some of the folks I usually talk to there.  My "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" posts keep disappearing, and I don't know why.  O. keeps telling me he's sorry about that, but it's not his fault.  I could understand if my posts about books with BDSM and D/s were deleted for content on a "family-friendly" site, but I'd think the moderators would say so, in that case.  Posts which are about contemporary romances with no mention of BDSM are disappearing as well.
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