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late Saturday and well into Sunday

Saturday evening and night: I did some editing, and then stayed up very late re-reading L.A. Witt's With the Band.  I couldn't find my copy of it.  It had been on my Daily Edition 950 e-reader, which slows way down when it gets up around three hundred books on it.  Every so often I delete off many of the books I've read, those that don't have DRM, so I can get it down to more like two hundred.  I went through my orders in my Loose Id account and found where I'd ordered With the Band, and was able to download it again.  It's well up there among the better books I read in 2011.

Sunday: I slept late.  It was very cold out, but I figured it would be better for me to get out of the house.  I still wanted a new watchband.  Putting a new battery in didn't get Mom's watch to work, so I lent her my old one.  I was worried about what to do with two working watches, and now my dilemma is solved.  I can't believe the old one works after it was in the car so long, but it does.

Mom and I went to a grocery story.  I drove there.  We switched drivers and went to Wal-Mart.  I got my watchband and some Chap-Stick.  I wanted to look at electronics, as I'm getting very curious about Kindles now.  I thought I was done with my e-reader obsession, but it's come back in a new form.  I guess getting all those free Kindle books has sucked me in.  I can read them on the phone, but the phone only has a 3.5" screen.  I've been reading Nine-Tenths of the Law for weeks now, a few pages at a time every so often.  When I'm out, I don't want to run down my phone battery that much.

K. texted while she was watching football and J. was taking a nap.  I told her she could call, because I was home by that point.  We talked for about half an hour.  We didn't talk much about J., but just caught each other up on our own things.  I told her what I was reading, and the quote from yesterday.  K. said she's trying to learn crochet.  I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, as we still haven't seen them.  She didn't really come up with anything.  I got J. an iTunes gift card, which was easy.

I told K. where I shopped online.  K. said she'd just ordered a stair-stepper to exercise on.  She said she'd had one that helped her get aerobic exercise when she was in high school.

It was a pretty good conversation.  We don't get the chance to talk among ourselves without other people there, so it was nice to talk to her alone.

Later: I finished reading The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters by Amy Lane.  It was cute.  Crawford came across as grumpy, but was more unused to being sociable, and Ben was sweet.

I saw Elisa Rolle's review of Muffled Drum.  I have it, but was scared that it would be really rough on the characters and have at most a Happy For Now ending.  Elisa said that it was more tame than Erastes' usual work, and had more of a Happily Ever After.  I'm not as afraid to read it now.  Sometimes I get books right when they first come out and am afraid to read them because I don't know how much angst an author will put the protagonists through.

I had to skim through the parts of Trangressions that had sadistic torture scenes, and I lost trust that Erastes would write a genre romance, no matter what it's labeled.  Transgressions was specifically labeled "an m/m romance."  The stories in I Do weren't required to have happy endings.

I correspond with Erastes every so often, and I like her Speak Its Name reviews.  I think the first thing of hers that I read was "Hard and Fast," which was pretty light.  It may be the lightest story she's written, and it gave me the wrong impression.  I'll probably read Muffled Drum soon, now that I've had some reassurance.

I've read the last few of Tam's book reviews.  I recently got that link -- most likely from Kris 'n' Good Books.  I saw she'd reviewed the fifth in Stephani Hecht's Blue Line Hockey series, Change on the Fly.  I've read the first four.  It wasn't available from Fictionwise or ARe yet, so I got it from the publisher.
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