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I felt that I shouldn't stay in the house all day, despite it being cold out, so Mom and I went out on a mission to find watch batteries.  I needed a new watch band as well.  We tried K-Mart first, but they seem to be phasing out selling watch bands, and didn't seem to have much in the way of batteries.  The saleswoman recommended a store specializing in watches in a nearby mall, and also Radio Shack for watch batteries.  I had asked Mom to drive, as today I didn't feel ambitious about driving in a busy shopping area on a Saturday.  However, she went up over the curb on our way out of the K-Mart parking lot and I took up the driving after that.

We got our watch batteries at Radio Shack and we stopped at the grocery store.  I thought about stopping at the Wal-Mart in the area to find a watch band, but that parking lot is incredibly busy with cars and people.  I'm very afraid of hitting someone or something with the car trying to back out of a parking space.  We headed home.

Mom and Dad went out again in another direction to go to a Walgreen's and to fill up her gas tank.  I shopped online.  I got a couple of books by Emily Veinglory, a couple of books by Keira Andrews, and a few by Evangeline Anderson.  I guess my tolerance for guilty pleasure reading is pretty high.

I read Taming the Beast, For Her Pleasure, Red and the Wolf, and Kristen's Addiction.  Some of the rationalizations were "the werewolf made me do it" or "the vampire made me do it."  Taming the Beast was pron in outer space.  Just plain pron.  However, I remembered others of her books that had something like plot, and read the other books of hers I got today.  Red and the Wolf was pretty good.  It had a sex-mad werewolf, but the female protagonist liked that.

Kristen's Addiction rode close to the edge of non-con in a couple of scenes, but I didn't feel it went over that edge.  That was a "the vampire made me do it" kind of thing, or at least a "vampire venom" thing, because in this one of Evangeline Anderson's worlds, the vampires have addictive venom.  It actually kind of made sense in context.

For Her Pleasure had the male protagonist posing as a sex robot.  It had a number of laugh-out-loud lines.  Perhaps the best couple were, "He was a man -- but what kind of man would hide in a shipping box and pretend to be a sex toy?" and the next line, "'What is that thing and why is it humping the vacuum?'"  Again it made sense in context, although the context was completely wacky, too.

I got a few hours of entertainment.  Maybe I'm easily amused, but I enjoyed the ridiculousness.  The books manage to be dirty and off-the-wall wacky.

So now I have two working watches and several more e-books.  I wish I could pass the e-books along to someone else after I've read them, like you can with print books.  However, those of my online friends who would read Evangeline Anderson books probably already have.
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