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Friday's reading

I read Evangeline Anderson's Sweet Dreams, which is a futuristic story that's got hilarious rationalizations for having sex.  It reminded me of the Str8te Boys "gay chicken" theme, only this was a m/f and one of the participants is kind of dreaming, though she'd like to do those things in real life.  I get the impression that a lot of Evangeline Anderson's books have characters having ridiculous rationalizations and reasons for having sex.  I'll have to go shopping for more of her books the next time I'm in a guilty pleasure kind of mood.  Str8te Boys definitely falls in the guilty pleasure category, and the hilarious rationalizations category.

I read Altered Heart by Kate Steele.  I'd read her book Male of the Species long ago, and that also had werewolves.  Altered Heart was a different kind of werewolf mythology.  Eighteen-year-old Rio has been much abused, and Mick is his older (but these werewolves age slowly) rescuer.  It had a good bit of the magic healing power of love over abuse, and that doesn't work that well for me psychologically.  I was curious about the book, and am glad my curiousity was satisfied.  I've really liked other books of Kate Steele's that I've read.  I'll continue working my way through her backlist.
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