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Thursday -- movie

S.M. had asked me if I wanted to go see a movie.  She and her sister P.M. had gone to see War Horse, and recommended it to P.G.  They asked me if I wanted to come to lunch with them and to see it.  I did.  It was a "war is hell" sort of thing, with the war being the First World War.

We had lunch beforehand, at an Applebee's.  I'd given S.M. money for the flowers she got for our November arrangement.  She said it was too much and that she'd treat me to lunch, so I stuck with one of the less expensive entrees, the fish and chips.  It was pretty good.  I like their ribs, but I figured that was a little messy, especially since we were going out afterwards.

Jules put fragments from The Syndicate, the planned honeymoon story, up.  She and Alex had written a little bit of it before health issues intervened.  I enjoyed what there was, especially the first chapter.

Not much else going on.  I rarely get to see a movie, so it was very nice that S.M. asked me.

A bit later: Mom wanted to go to the library, but I didn't really feel like going out again while it was dark and rainy.  I suggested she read Lessons in Love, as it doesn't get too explicit.  I think of the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries as sweet romances.  She took it back to her room.

Later: Mom also wanted to go out to dinner.  I would have liked to, but I still didn't really feel like going out.  She and Dad went out.  I believe they were going to a Longhorn Steakhouse, and then to the library.  I had leftover Chinese food.

J. called, but everything he told me was depressing.  I asked if he had any more cheerful news.  He came up with how much he enjoys having Morris, the dog.  That was a positive thing, at least.

I'm going to do some more reading.  Some of it might be re-reads.  I'm re-reading Out of Focus, and I may re-read One True Thing.  I have plenty of other books to read, too.
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