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I read L.A. Witt's Out of Focus.  Sarah F. of Dear Author had it on her best of list of 2011.  The cover had kind of put me off.  Her review mentioned that Dante, Ryan (a.k.a. Angel) and Jordan talked a lot, and they did.  I felt it was pretty realistic for there to be a lot of negotiation when it was a couple of experienced Doms and a new-to-BDSM sub.  Dante and Angel were Doms in a relationship with each other, and took a third guy as a sub every so often.  They tried not to get emotionally involved with the sub, but both did with Jordan.  I couldn't figure out why Jordan was letting his ex-boyfriend live in his basement, which he did for nearly the whole book.

It was harder to tell Dante's viewpoint apart from Angel's than it was to tell either of them apart from Jordan.  Jordan had a very distinctive voice.  Sarah F. had noted this, too.  I made an effort to keep track.

It was an enjoyable book.  It was good to get something that was just a contemporary romance.  Okay, BDSM menage, but it was a romance.  Not romance/mystery or romance/action-adventure or paranormal.  Not that I don't like those other kinds of books, but it was a nice change.

I liked that Jordan had a horse farm.  He had originally hired Dante and Angel to take pictures of his horses.  It was hard for me to believe that Jordan had stallions who were so tame, but they were Morgans.  Jordan's horses and his dog were all very well trained.  I like horses, and could picture the Morgans.  It struck me as a book James might like.

I'm debating whether to do an AE "Gay Books" entry on this.  My last several entries have been on BDSM romances.  While O. doesn't like BDSM or menage and J. doesn't like menage, it's a book others might like.

Later: I did an AE "Gay Books" post on Out of Focus.  I figured that even if it wasn't everyone's thing, some AE readers might enjoy it.  There are some who comment on BDSM romances.
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