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I had my visit to the podiatrist, and the usual physical therapy.  I said that I barely had any twinges anymore in my foot.  The doctor said they were just waiting for the orthotics, that they'd probably get them Friday.  So one more session of physical therapy and orthotics, and I'm done.

I started reading An Unsettled Range.  I really have to get some indicator for when books from the Farm/"Love Means..." and the Range series come out.  Perhaps I'll just ask M.L. from AE to tell me.

Later: I finished An Unsettled Range.  I thought it was pretty good.  As with the Farm series, the Range cowboys are collecting strays.  Well, Wally was collecting stray animals anyway, and now he's collecting stray people.  It actually pretty much makes sense with his character that he's the one doing it.

Mom said she had a faculty meeting, and wouldn't be home until late, so I picked up Chinese food on my way back from the podiatrist.  I called Mom to tell her I was doing that.  The parental units will waffle for hours over what to order for takeout and then end up eating TV dinners or sandwiches.  I offer several alternatives of what I like.  Since I was going to eat the food myself if no one else would -- it would be over a period of days in that case -- I got wonton soup, beef lo mein, shrimp with Chinese vegetables, mu shu pork and fried donuts.  No waffling for me.  Dad likes beef lo mein, Mom likes shrimp with Chinese vegetables, and everyone seems to like mu shu pork well enough.  I like all of those.

O. from AE said that One Real Thing sounded like a good book, but he likes a relationship of equals.  I'll write a reply to him.

Later: I wrote O. a reply.  From what I've seen, BDSM and/or Dom/sub themed books are pretty common in m/m romance.  He said he hadn't run across much, but I think we've been shopping from different publishers.
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