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Monday reading

I read the first four in Kim Dare's G-A-Y series.  I'd seen a review of all twelve on Dear Author, and decided to give the series a try.  I read Gaydar, Gay Like You, Gay Until Graduation and Gay for Pay.  The stories are about forty pages long or so.  They pack a lot into those forty pages.  They're BDSM romances, with one protagonist a Dom and the other a sub.  TeddyPig did a post at some point in which he derided a scene in which the Dom gives the sub a necklace as a collar, saying that a collar is supposed to be recognizable as a collar.  Tristan, the Dom in Gay Like You, gives Cory a necklace.  I just hoped that Cory would get properly collared within the next couple of days after that.  Flynn in Gaydar has a collar ready.  He's been watching Matt for some time, and in the review, it says that he "liked, respected and wanted Matt."

In Gay Until Graduation, Spencer collars Baxter properly, then has him wear a strip of leather around his throat as a makeshift collar in public, where Baxter is out as gay, but not out as kinky.  They know that proper collar is there when it's just them -- or, presumably also when they go to the leather bars.

In Gay for Pay, security consultant Ben Smith has been hired to hunt down a missing son of a very wealthy man.  He finds Nate up on an auction block on what Ben thinks is a miserable excuse for a BDSM club, ready to be sold.  Smith buys Nate, and uses the corporate credit card to do it.  (Hee!)  They spend the night together, then go to talk to Nate's father.  Smith makes it clear that Nate would be much happier out, and that Smith would be the one taking care of Nate.  Perhaps the billionaires weren't too probable, but I found it a fun story.

A longer book I read this evening was Anah Crow and Dianne Fox's One Real Thing.  Sarah F. did a review of it on Dear Author in which she tries to explain the power dynamics between Nick and Holly.  She called it a "total power exchange."  It's crystal clear that Holly wants to serve and to be given permission to eat, and that the way Holly kisses Nick's feet is another way for Holly to say that he'd do anything for Nick.  That's just one of his non-verbal ways to show it.  It works really well for those particular characters.  They're much stronger together than apart.
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