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Saturday night reading, a bit of Sunday

I had been re-reading Sean Michael's Don't Ask Don't Tell for a few days, and stayed up well into the morning to finish that.  I had gotten that as a PDF, so I was reading at the computer.

I texted S., who was spending some time with his sister.  He's going to get back to me "after dinner" about getting together.

I did a list of the books mentioned so far on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading 2012" forum.  It's two pages there, three handwritten pages and two pages in Word.  I sent it to the usual suspects -- some of the people who post the most.  I sent it to O., of course, because it's his forum.

Later: I did some book shopping and read a couple of the books I got.  I read Drew Hunt's Rough Road to Happiness.  It had some stereotypical phrases for describing African-American men, and the characters cried easily.  Also, (*spoiler*), Bud was cheating on his wife with David for much of the book, with David not knowing.  David was an emotional wreck.  It was still more of a hit than a miss for me.  There are some of Drew's stories I like quite a bit, like the Colin and Martin stories.  I got two more of Drew's books in my shopping, Surface Tension and Trucker and Pup.

I got By Honor Betrayed by Alex Beecroft.  I haven't read that yet.  I also got L.A. Witt's Out of Focus and The Giver and the Taker.  I got One Real Thing by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox.  Dear Author had it in one of a reviewer's best of 2011 lists.  Out of Focus was in that list as well.  (Edited to add: The reviewer is Sarah F.)  I got the Hidden Conflict anthology.

[Paragraph edited.]  I saw a review Erastes did of Half a Man, by Scarlet Blackwell.  She gave it three stars, but Erastes and I look for very different things in books.  Erastes mentioned the characters crying frequently, which they did.  That didn't bother me in this one.  It wasn't a keeper for her, but she said, "However, it's well written, and thoroughly romantic with very little conflict so I'm sure that the readers of a more romantic brand of gay historicals will like it a lot."  The book was set a year or two after the end of World War I, and Robert had been disabled in the war.  Jack was a rent boy.  I read a good number of romances with characters who are veterans.

I thought there was some conflict in the book.  It's fair to say that I like more romantic books, though I read some that are really rather gritty.  Erastes doesn't need a happy ending in order to like a book.  I trust her to give an honest review, but in my opinion, she can enjoy a book in which the characters are completely put through the wringer.  Again I fall far more to the happy fluffy side in my taste in books. 

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