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bookstore open house

Tonight was Open House night at the secondhand bookstore where I volunteer.  I got there really early, and picked up with my project of rearranging the paperbacks in the back rooms.  Some are on such high shelves that people (including me, yes) just toss the books up into the box.  I found several in Suzanne Brockmann's "Troubleshooter" series up in the "B" boxes, and brought them down to put them out on the romantic suspense shelves.  The books in the "paranormal and suspense" romance section go really fast.  We're having a 50% off sale on historical romance because we have six boxes of them in the back.  As far as I'm concerned the sale will go on until we're down to one box.  I told the manager that I have another box or two worth at home that I'd bring in when we got it down that far.  I'm not really noticing them going, though.  What have been going lately are the category romances -- Harlequin, Silhouette, the short novels with fairly strict guidelines.  They're on sale for fifty cents each or five for a dollar, so people have been getting a dollar or two worth at a time.  As far as the stock in the back, we're actually down to about half a box of Silhouette Special Editions -- a lady had donated three boxes of them some time ago -- with most of the rest of the box being Zebra Regency romances.

So from when I got there, I got the books in the A-L boxes neatly straightened up in rows.  I'd done M-Z the previous day.  Some boxes have so many books that they overfill the box, but I put the overflow in neat stacks.  I know my work won't last very long, but at least it looked good for that day.

The Open House was nice -- mostly volunteers there.  Some of them brought spouses.  The director of the local senior center that the bookstore benefits was there.  I had a good time talking to some of the volunteers who are there on days that I'm not, and meeting the volunteers' husbands.  There was punch and cookies.  So I think that went well.
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