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In which I ran an errand and went to the podiatrist.  They're working on orthotics for me.  I go again on Friday.  I said I had very little pain now in my foot, but that my ankle was hurting.  Dr. B. said my foot was much less swollen.

We've pretty much moved on to the "Gay Books" thread there on AE.  The semi-official Gay Lit forum is officially closed.  I told O. that if commenters on the Gay Books forum complained about us talking about romances, I'd start a m/m romance forum.  He said if there were snide comments he'd deal with them.  O. and I seem to have it all worked out between us.  I said that I thought we were good.

I did more book shopping and got Tootsies and The Three Miracles of Santos Soccoro, both by Sarah Black.  I wish I'd been able to hit the Fictionwise 55% off sale and do a lot of shopping, but I really didn't have any extra money that day or those days.

Later: J. had gone up to northwest New Jersey to talk to Grandma S.'s social worker.  Aunt P.S. had started the meeting before he got there.  From all indications, Grandma S. has no idea she has cancer, but she's getting blood transfusions every ten days now.  I wish Aunt P. had told her what was going on.  Grandma S. had done an advanced directive in 1990, but the social worker wouldn't show it to J.  Aunt P. said she had a copy somewhere around the house, but that she didn't remember what Grandma S.'s directives were.  J. said he left with more questions than answers.

J. called Mom to tell her all this, and they were on the phone for an hour.  Mom called a family meeting with Dad and me.  I explained what nursing aides typically did at the assisted living level.  Grandma S. needs more care than that.  Aunt P. wants to "ease" Grandma S. into hospice care.  I don't think it works that way.

At some point during the meeting, Dad wandered off to see if Aunt P. had sent him an e-mail.  He remained online.  I said that I didn't think Dad would be able to ask direct questions anyway.  He communicates very indirectly in general.  I believe his personality type is ENTP -- Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving.  His reality is pretty different from consensual reality.  I think he has Asperger's Syndrome sorts of traits, in addition to what J. and I think is severe Attention Deficit Disorder.

I believe that Aunt A. passed away on the 2nd of January of 2011.  I thought I'd be grieving more on the year anniversary, but it wasn't hitting me particularly harder than at other points in time.  At Christmas, Grandma S. said that she really missed Aunt A.  She hadn't been close to her other sister, but Grandma S. and Aunt A. were close.

We're to have a general family belated holiday celebration on the 7th in northwest New Jersey, with Grandma S.  Mom wants to take the opportunity to talk to all of Dad's siblings about Grandma S.  We'll see what happens.  I'm going to concentrate on the celebration.  Obviously I know what's going on, but as a grandchild it's not my place to make any decisions.  I think it should be up to Grandma S.

So that was the day today.

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