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I went to Staples to get black ink for my printer, since I was running low.

O. of AfterElton closed the semi-official Gay Lit forum and opened up a "Gay Books -- What We're Reading in 2012" forum.  I had had problems with the originally suggested "Official Gay Literature" title for the forum.  I wouldn't have felt comfortable posting about m/m romances on an "Official Gay Literature" thread.  Other members suggested titles, and we reached a happy enough compromise.  However, if commenters on that forum have a problem with posts about m/m romance, I'll start another forum specifically for m/m romance.

Dad said he'd lost the USB cord for the Kobo, but found it again within the next hour or so.  I showed him how to download books from Google eBooks directly onto the Kobo.  At least he knows how to do that now.

I've been looking at the Dear Author deals, and J.L. Merrow's Pricks and Pragmatism is currently free as a Kindle and Nook book.  I had gotten that directly from Samhain, quite possibly at the time it was published.  I downloaded it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I've downloaded a lot of free Kindle books so I'd have them on my phone.

I made a list of the Jarheads books, and I'm skimming through Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the first one chronologically for the characters, though not the first published.  I read them in the order they happened for the characters when I first got the books, I'm pretty sure.  I couldn't do a re-read too soon afterwards, but it's been quite some time now.

Later: Mom tried to make chocolate fudge, starting at 9 p.m.  When I used to do baking and make fudge, I'd often start at midnight.  I was surprised she was starting so late.  She had me stay downstairs to inspect it to see which stages it was in.  It had seemed to be reaching the stage where you could make a soft ball when you dripped a bit into ice water.  I wasn't sure if it was quite ready, but Mom was impatient, so we put the butter in.  She let it cool for a bit, then put vanilla extract in and stirred it.  Mom called me down to do some stirring when she got tired, and after a bit I pronounced that it wouldn't set, but it seemed like we had lovely chocolate sauce.  I said that we'd have to get vanilla ice cream to put it on.

I ended up skimming a couple of other books I'd read before.  One was The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks.  It was made very clear that it was a stand alone, but I'd love to see a sequel someday.  I liked Perry a lot.
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