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New Year's Day -- Sunday

It was very quiet for me.  Saturday night I lay down around 8:30 p.m. and dozed on and off until 11:30 p.m.  I got up then, and had a couple of snacks, and a glass of white zinfandel.  I went up to my room a bit after midnight.  Mom and Dad had decided to go to sleep long before midnight, but Mom apparently hadn't slept.  She asked me if I'd had a drink.  I said I had.  She presumably went down to have her sherry.

I texted J. and S. to wish them a Happy New Year.  They texted back after a bit.

I stayed up until about 3 a.m. reading.  I re-read Jane Baron's Fugue, which is Blake's 7 fan fiction.  It was a recommendation of Predatrix's, and I like the story quite a lot.  It's haunting, but in a good way.  Predatrix notes that she believes that Jane Baron is writing professionally now.  I'd read her books if I knew what name she was writing under.

I re-read "First Footer," too, as I said I would.  I enjoy Jade Buchanan's cat-people from outer space stories (Pridelands and Felidae series) quite a lot, but "First Footer" is well up there for me.

I got up around 11-something.  I'd remembered to wear the splint for much of the night, so my foot was pretty good.  I figured most stores were closed, so I didn't plan on doing any shopping.  I see the podiatrist Tuesday, and I'll probably do some shopping and bill-paying before and after that visit.

I ended up doing some book-shopping, though.  I made a list of the romances people had recently posted about on the semi-official Gay Lit forum on AE, and put it on the MM/Gay romance forum.  I think just about everyone who reads the comments in those forums reads both forums.  I check the Gay Lit threads every couple or few days.  I check the m/m romance forum more often.

I took some recommendations from those posts.  Dreamspinner was having a 25% off sale and Rainbow eBooks was having a 20% off sale.  I got a couple of stories from Silver Publishing from Rainbow eBooks, and a couple of Dreamspinner stories direct from the publisher.  The Dreamspinner sale is tomorrow as well, so I'll probably get a few more books from there then.  I would have waited to get the latest "Love Means..."/Farm series books had I known there would be a sale, but I got them as soon as I knew they were available.

I read R.J. Scott's The Christmas Throwaway, in which a young policeman, Ben, rescues a homeless boy and takes him home to his mother's house.  I'm sure that broke all kinds of laws.  They waited the few days until Zach was eighteen to fall in love.  It was a pretty good story, though I would have thought that Zach would have a lot more mental problems from his treatment before he was kicked out of his house.

I read Mysterious Ways, by Jenna Hilary Sinclair.  Greg was very Catholic, but was trying to get over his indoctrinated guilt.  Corey was his love interest.  There was an elf that no-one could see but Greg.  I would have liked the supernatural to remain a puzzling possibility in what was otherwise a contemporary.  I didn't think that Greg was going to overcome his hang-ups within the length of the story.  However, it was a diverting enough story.

P. called.  She said she'd spent her New Year's Eve at church.  Her bursitis was acting up badly, she said.  Well, she does a lot of repetitive motion as a cashier at a grocery store.  Before Christmas is a busy time, she says, though not as bad as before Thanksgiving.  Still, the wear and tear must accumulate.  She was going to see a doctor as soon as she could.  P. was planning to have a quiet day tomorrow.
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