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Tuesday so far

I fell asleep around ten p.m. last night, which is unheard of early for me.  I woke when it was still dark, and officially got up at seven-something, when it was still dark.

We did a lot today.  We ran various errands, which included going to the grocery store.  Papa H. and H. sent a Christmas card.  I got one from S.(S.), too.  Mom returned clothes that didn't fit her to Boscov's, a department store.  The department store chain is in the tri-state or so area.  I think it started in Pennsylvania, though.  I asked Mom why she hadn't tried them on there before she got them, and she said it was because it was so hot in there.  It's true, the store generally seems to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more.  Anyway, she wasn't going to try on a flannel nightgown at the store.  I stayed in the car and read while she did that.  I'm skipping back and forth between three romances, a couple that I got from ARe's recent holiday giveaways and one I got from Kobo a while ago.

I tried on a couple of pairs of sneakers at K-Mart, which is a discount retailer in the U.S.  I was going to try on a pair of boots, but the zipper for one of them wouldn't go down.  So much for that idea.  The sneakers didn't fit.  They had size 7 in one, and 6 1/2 in another.  Even the 6 1/2 was too big, and that's my usual shoe size.  Mom had wanted to go to K-Mart because she was returning clothes there as well.  She lives to return things.  I try on clothes at the time.

Mom picked up a gift certificate for K. at Ross', a clothing store K. likes.  I don't know when we'll see J. and K.  I still need to figure out a present for K.  I have an iTunes gift card for J.  He's pretty easy to shop for that way.

In the afternoon, I had another podiatrist's appointment.  My ankle was hurting much worse than my foot today.  Perhaps it was partly that forty-five minutes of driving I did on Sunday, and partly the weather.  It was raining pretty hard today.  They're still doing aggressive treatment: hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound.  Well, it seems aggressive to me.

The nurse or assistant who was to give me the hydrotherapy put a lot of bubbles into the foot bath, and it threatened to bubble over.  She let some water out a few times and refilled to the same effect, then eventually let all the water out and started over.  During this, the legs of my jeans had gotten soaked nearly to the knee.  I had the jeans rolled up as far as they could go, which was about mid-calf.

The assistant, L., was much more worried about it than I was.  It was cold out, but I wasn't planning to go anywhere but home.  I figured I could just wash the jeans and they'd be fine.  I like the hydrotherapy.  This time I kept my bad foot near the jets of water in the tub.  I'm not sure if that's the idea for fasciitis, but they must have had the jets of water going for a reason.

This time I kept the electrotherapy to where I could feel it, but below a painful level.  It didn't really hurt last time while the nurse (or assistant) was getting the setting, but after she left the room and the shocks had gone on for a bit, they got to be somewhat painful in the repetition.

I don't feel the ultrasound at all, but chatted with the assistant.  I said I was reading a romance.  I also said that you could download classics as e-books.  She recommended Jane Austen.  C.R. from AfterElton recommended Jane Austen to me the other week.  The assistant said she'd seen all the movies, as well.  I'm sure the library has the movies -- as well as the books, of course.

The podiatrist seems pleased enough with my progress.  I said that it felt much better.  I see him again on Friday.  They taped my foot up again.  It feels pretty good when it's taped up.  There's moleskin underneath.  I think that's just what it's called and that it's not literal.  The padding helps a lot, though.

My ankle feels much better.  That may be due to the hydrotherapy.  I'm not sure.  I know that my ankle was soaking in the hot water too.  I think the electrotherapy just affects my foot.  So far it hasn't shorted out my e-reader.

So that was my day -- some running around and then getting my foot taken care of.  I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish today, except for getting new sneakers.  Aside from that I got the errands I wanted to do done.
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