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Monday so far

I ran a lot of errands.  My cell phone had stopped getting e-mail a few days ago, and I couldn't get online last night, so I stopped by the AT&T store.  It was packed, so Mom and I headed to the grocery store.  We stopped at the produce store, which was also packed.  We went home and dropped off the pork chops, then went out again.  I tried again at the AT&T store, and that time it wasn't so busy.  An associate who had helped me before, D., fixed it so I got my e-mail.

I got gasoline.  The car's gas tank had only a quarter tank left after that drive yesterday.  We tried again at the produce store, and the lines were down there, too.  We got lemons and apple cider.

I wrote a lot of comments on AE about books.  Some of it was in reply to a member saying he'd gotten his local library to order three m/m books.  Well, one was more gay lit, but two were definitely m/m romances, Lover's Knot and Tigers and Devils.  I looked on the Free Library of Philadelphia website to see what m/m romances they had.  I looked up a few authors.  They had some books published by Carina, some from print publishers, including from Blind Eye Books, and some in the Gittings collection.  That has to be named after Barbara Gittings, who, among all her legendary activism, was a strong advocate for getting LGBT books into libraries.

There were a couple of books by J.L. Langley in that collection, and they had Tigers and Devils as well. 
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