neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Friday afternoon

Today was another appointment with the podiatrist.  I got hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound, then got my foot taped up again.  I see the doctor again on Tuesday.  I asked about the toes on the other foot being rubbed by the shoe, and the doctor said I had too many layers in there and took out what was the original sole of the shoe and put the gel insert back in.  The sneakers had rubbed before I put the gel inserts in there.  I had said to him that I knew the answer was to get new shoes.

It's interesting to me that this is being treated so aggressively.  When I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago, my primary care doctor at the time told me to take over-the-counter painkillers when I needed them, and suggested a couple of stretching exercises.  My foot, whichever one was bad then, hurt for months.  With the current treatments, it's already much better now than it was a week and a half ago.

I threw out the sneakers when I got home, since the gel inserts weren't enough support by themselves, and found an old pair of white sneakers.  I'll have to go shopping for black ones after Christmas.

I'm supposed to ice my foot, which I had stopped doing with it taped up, as I didn't want to get the tape wet.  I guess it doesn't matter if a sock gets wet, as long as the tape doesn't get wet.  I'll work on figuring that one out.  My next appointment is on Tuesday.  I wonder what treatments I'll get then.
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