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bit of Tuesday, Wednesday morning

We went to [local Italian restaurant] for Dad's belated birthday dinner.  I had one of the specials, called a "Trio," which was chicken parmesan, cheese ravioli and eggplant parm.  I'm not generally a big fan of chicken unless it's fried, but I thought I should have a bit of variety.  I should have let Mom have some of the chicken.  I enjoyed the ravioli and the eggplant parm.  Mom got veal piccata, as she usually does there, and Dad got something with shrimp and spaghetti.  I often get their shrimp with Old Bay seasoning as an appetizer.  This time we got fried artichoke hearts as an appetizer, also on special.  They tasted more like the soft cheese (ricotta, perhaps) inside than of artichoke, but Dad liked them.  The dinner was for him, after all.

Mom had to work a grocery shopping trip into it all, and I stayed in the car for that.  It was too dark to read on my e-reader, so I listened to music.  They didn't get that much stuff.

I was overwhelmed with tiredness after we got home.  Around 8:30 p.m. I put on my splint and lay down.  I dozed from then until 11:15.  I did my usual bedtime routine then and then went back to bed, and slept from 11:30 or so until 4:00 a.m.  I was surprised how well I could doze with the splint on.  It seems like it keeps the fascia from tightening when I sleep, because I was a lot less sore walking after I got up.  I think I'm supposed to wear the splint for at least a week.

I couldn't get back to sleep at 4:00.  I finished Colin and Martin's Australian Christmas.  I had gotten Colin and Martin's First Christmas through Elisa Rolle's recommendations, then read Colin and Martin's London Christmas.  They're cute stories.  Colin and Martin's Australian Christmas had a lot about how hot it is at Christmas time there.  That would be different for me.  I wouldn't mind spending time in a warm climate over the Northern Hemisphere's winter, though.  I liked snow when I was a child, before I was required to drive in it.  My tolerance for cold has gone way down over the past several years.

I had a bit of breakfast -- lady apples and clementines, with Jasmine Pearl tea.  The fruit seemed suitable to the season.  I'll have something more substantial at noon.

I have an appointment in the afternoon.  It's supposed to be raining hard all day, so I expect I'll do mostly editing and reading for the rest of the day, and chat with my AE buddies.
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