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and the afternoon

I wasn't expecting much to happen during my visit to the podiatrist except for him looking at my feet, as in, physically looking, but considerably more happened than that.  I got X-rays, then a cortisone shot, and finally got my foot taped up and a splint to wear at night.

He talked to Dad a bit, and told him my problem was tendonitis, so Dad said.  The spot where I got the cortisone shot is still stinging.  The podiatrist, Dr. B., admired Dr. R.'s work, the plate and screws in my ankle.  Other doctors admire it.  My primary care doctor, once the cast was off, said it was a lovely scar.  I'm just glad I can walk again.

I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep with a splint on, but my sleep patterns are erratic at best anyway.  I slept with a cast on, so I guess I can do it.  The doctor wanted to see me again on Friday.

I had no idea how to get there, but Dad said he'd drive.  The doctor's office is very near a major stop on the Main Line, so it was a bit of a distance.  It's a house -- well, I suppose it was a house before it was converted into a doctor's office.

So that was my big adventure.
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