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Monday so far

After all the ups and downs of the day yesterday, I lay down around eleven-something and dozed until three.  I couldn't get back to sleep after that, though I tried.  I got up, looked for what the ARe free book was, posted about that (see previous entry) and had breakfast, including a couple of cups of Flower Jewel tea.

I made lists for Dad about sources for free e-books.  I found the Baen site, and of course included Project Gutenberg.  I want to show him how to register for Overdrive so he can get books from the library.

Later in the morning: I got a book from Project Gutenberg and a free Google e-book to download onto the Kobo Touch at Dad's computer.  They don't show up in his Kobo library, though.  I put Baen's free e-book library site and the Project Gutenberg site in his favorites list.

In the afternoon: I went to Best Buy and got Dad a gift certificate.  I told him that that was his real present.  I did another couple of errands, including stopping at the grocery store.  I finally have cream again.  All in all it was a productive afternoon, and I feel better about things.

In the evening: S. called, and we talked for a while.

I found that this month's free book from Ellora's Cave is The English Heiress.  I have most of Roberta Gellis' books in print.  Several of her books are 99 cents in e-book at Ellora's Cave.  I'm debating whether to get them.  I think it might be reasonable to get the ones I don't have in print.  I only found out today that some of Roberta Gellis' backlist is out through Ellora's Cave.  The Roselynde Chronicles had been reprinted at least once before, probably more than that.

Samhain is now doing a line (imprint?) called Retro Romance, of books that had been printed before, but apparently not e-published before.

The contributors at Dear Author post frequently in their deals posts about previously-published romances now available in e-book format.  Between them being inexpensive and for the ones out-of-print but beloved being available again, it makes a lot of romance readers very happy.
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