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Saturday so far

I fell asleep a little after ten last night, which is almost unheard of.  I woke at eight-something and officially got up at nine.  The anti-inflammatory is pretty good stuff, though a bit rough on my stomach.

I watched season three episodes of Glee last night.  I think it was episodes 5, 6 and 7.  The lesbians on AfterEllen were furious about the "I Kissed a Girl" episode.  They felt it was patronizing (at best) to have a cisgendered white boy, Finn, take charge of Santana's coming out process after he outed her.  I agreed, and wasn't happy with him being the hero of the episode after he'd outed her.  I expected at least an apology from him, and expected someone to give him a proper dressing-down, perhaps Kurt.

To add insult to insult, the episode didn't even have kissing between Brittany and Santana.  The writer of that episode and other writers of the show tweeted that they had kissed, which they had -- offscreen.  They'd held hands and hugged a lot onscreen, but that's different.  Those writers then encountered the full fury of the Britanna fandom, who are well aware of what Brittany and Santana have done or not done.  I thought it was justice of a sort.

I posted on the AE (AfterElton -- perhaps I'll need to distinguish now) m/m romance forum about what I've read lately.  Uly called me a "book pimp."  I said that I commented a lot there, but that others were more widely read than I was.  There are only certain books I recommend every chance I get, I said, and I thought he'd read most of them.

I liked "Lone Star" quite a lot.  As with his poet and painter narrators of other books, Josh uses the words in a dancer's vocabulary as a conceit in the book.  (And I think that's the word I want.)  If I'd known what the words meant, I might have appreciated it more.  In that way, it was rather like the books that make constant Dickens references for me.  At least the meanings of the Tarot cards were explained in Cards on the Table.  With the paint color words, I could make pretty good guesses.  However, the inclusion of words I had no idea of the meaning of didn't spoil "Lone Star" for me.  I ignored them and went on.

I want to run a few errands while the anti-inflammatory is still working.

Later: I ran the errands.  It was snowing slightly -- snow that would be a light drizzle if it was rain.

A. from Green Bay and I haven't talked in a while, but he might call tonight.  I need to remember to keep my phone on me.

Later still: A. called, and we talked for a while.  It was more stories about our respective local friends than anything of a big scale.  It's always good to talk to him, though.
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