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Friday so far

I got to the doctor's appointment in plenty of time.  The doctor agreed that it was plantar fasciitis.  She compared one foot to the other, and said the right foot was swollen, but that it just might have been that way from when my ankle was broken.  It stayed considerably more swollen than the other for several months at least after I got the plaster cast off.

She prescribed anti-inflammatories.  The doctor also said that I should see a podiatrist and get orthotics.  I have high-arched but completely flat feet.  I'm not sure how you can do both, but apparently you can.  I certainly don't want to be wearing old lady shoes.  I guess it will be more building up the arches inside the shoe.

S. called, and we've talked quite a bit today.  I don't think I'm a particularly good person to give relationship advice, considering that mine have been less than stellar, but as long as it's "do what I say and not what I do" I guess we're all right.

Later: I read a couple of stories and watched some season three episodes of Glee.  I finished reading "Lone Star."  I read "Winter Knights."  Parts of "Winter Knights" had a very mythological feeling.  One of the protagonists, Gavin, meets characters Arthur and Lance while he's searching for information on King Arthur and Lancelot.  There turn out to be a lot of layers to the story.

I was glad I'd read "Lone Star" first.  "Lone Star" was a contemporary, with a couple of slightly strange things Mitch might or might not have seen.
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