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so far Thursday

Wednesday night: I lay down for a while starting at 11 p.m., then took some Advil at 12:30 a.m. and lay down again.  I fell asleep at some point.  I was worried I wouldn't sleep because of the way my foot was throbbing, but I got at least eight hours.

I woke at 11:30 a.m.  My foot is no better.  I made a doctor's appointment for it for tomorrow.  I had brunch and took a bath, but I don't know what else I'll accomplish today.  I have some editing due tonight, and I made good progress on that today.  I want to do one last read-through, but the novella is in very good shape.  I don't think I'll go out today, and I might have gone out to run a few errands if I wasn't in so much pain and limping so badly, but there was nothing that urgent, nothing I absolutely needed.  It's raining, too, so I wouldn't have been all that keen on going outside to see what's left of my garden.

One bright spot was that the latest chapters of Magic Mansion came out today, and I read them.

I've been getting the free ARe books.  I posted to the m/m romance forum on AE that the book today was a m/m one, and linked to it.  I'm getting the books in PDF and e-pub formats, since I can get both.  It means it's in my library there twice, but that's fine.  I can still read through the books listed in my library quickly enough, and they tell you if you already have something in there if you go to buy it again.

Later: I finished up my editing job.

S. called and caught me up on his life.  He has finals, and then wants to go to the city on the weekend, as he likes to do.  I live vicariously through him.  We're talking about getting together at some point.  I hope the doctor can do something for my foot so I will be able to walk without pain again soon.
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