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late Monday/early Tuesday

I watched the first two Glee episodes of the third season, and then got very tired.  This was at ten p.m. Monday night.  I figured I'd lie down for a while, and slept until four.  It stayed dark for another three hours, but at least I got some laundry done and had breakfast.  I had two cups of Jasmine Pearl tea and a glass of mango juice to drink.  It had been a while since I made myself flowering tea.  The way I set up getting the tea was to have shipments of Jasmine Pearl tea sent every six months, so I'd better start drinking it more often.  It's one of my favorites, though, so that wouldn't be any hardship.

The TV Tropes entry on Glee has several sub-pages, including a rather long Ho Yay page.  The quote on top is "You may know me from Glee, which has been called the gayest show on television.  You know, I'm sure they mean that in the best way possible."  -- Naya Rivera.  She's the actress who plays Santana, and she's quite a good actress.  She's also a strong LGBT ally in real life, from what I understand.

I still have the opinion that some of the Ho Yay is accidental, but that a fair amount is intentional.  There's tons of material for slash and femme slash writers when you count it all.  Even if you only count what's presumably intentional and/or canon Ho Yay, there's still probably more than on any other network show, from what I understand.  Glee takes a queer sensibility and runs with it.

In the afternoon: J. from AE wrote to me to say that Rainbow eBooks had stories from MLR that I was interested in for sale in their Tuesday sales.  I discovered after I got it that I already had "Rough Ride," as it was in the Ties That Bind anthology.  I wish they'd make a note when something is republished.  I think it was the first time Laura's "Home for the Holidays" was published.  That's a story in the series that starts with Details of the Hunt.  It was cute.  It had been a while since I read Details of the Hunt.

I got Charlie Cochrane's "Wolves of the West," too.  That was cute.  Even her werewolves are very civilized.  Well, they're civilized in human form, not quite so much so in wolf form.  It's interesting that Charlie's branching out into the paranormal.  I have her Music in the Midst of Desolation, too, and I'm partway through that.
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