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Sunday so far

In which I woke around ten, after going to bed fairly early.  I think I slept for about eight hours.  I'm kind of liking waking up earlier, so I can get more things done during the day.  It's starting to get dark around four, so I want to spend at least a little time in the daylight.

Last night I'd watched a lot of Glee songs from the second half of the first season and all of the second season on their DVD "jukebox."  They did have some winners among them.  I'd posted about getting a few of the songs from iTunes.  Some of the ones on the jukeboxes are among them.

S.M. e-mailed late last night to say that her church's concert was today.  Mom wanted to go to a Messiah sing-along, though.  When I was at college, I learned the alto part for it.  I couldn't hit those higher soprano notes, though I'm a second soprano.  I can't hit the lowest alto notes either, but I guess that doesn't matter as much.

I did a little book-shopping today.  I'd participated in the Men Under the Mistletoe scavenger hunt, or whatever it was called, and was waiting to see if I'd won anything fun.  I've had good luck that way before.  I didn't see any announcements, and didn't get any e-mails, so today I went ahead and got the anthology.  I posted about it on the AE m/m romance forum, too.  They're particular fans of Harper Fox there.  They absolutely love her.

I looked around a little at prices.  ARe had the book at list price.  Carina itself had it 10% off.  It was 20% off as a Kindle book and cheaper than that at Kobo.  Sony and B&N were prices in between.  I ended up getting the book from Carina, where it doesn't have DRM.  I might have gotten it from Kobo if I'd seen that first, but I would have chafed a bit about having DRM on it.

I'll post later about whether we go to the Messiah sing-along.

Later: We did go to the Messiah concert.  It wasn't a sing-along one, though.  The abbey where it was held was pretty close to the Main Line, so something of a drive.  We didn't get lost, surprisingly enough, though at one point Mom told me to turn at a traffic light and the turn I wanted to make didn't have a traffic light.

Mom met her friend H.M. there.  H.'s son was in the orchestra.  We didn't stick around after the concert to meet them, though.  Mom and I snuck out during the last round of "Amen" to try to beat the crowd out of the parking lot.  We beat most of the crowd.

I enjoyed the concert well enough.  During the intermission I started reading Josh's latest story, "Lone Star."  I'd brought the pocket e-reader with me.  Mom was sitting between me and H., and talking to H.

I'd been in a performance of the Messiah years ago, when I was in my first year of college, at a Maryland college that was the sister college to the Naval Academy.  I was in the choral group, and we sang at the Naval Academy.  That was quite the experience.

I'm not sure what I'll spend the rest of the evening doing -- probably a mix of writing online and watching bits of my new favorite TV show.
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