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Tuesday -- TV - Hold Onto Sixteen

It was a new episode of Glee, my latest obsession.  I appreciated the fanservice parts of the show.  Sam as a stripper was blatant fanservice, not that I minded it.  Blaine at the punching bag was another example.  They're really butching Blaine up.  He's short or on the lower end of average in height, especially compared to the football player characters, but he's proving to be surprisingly tough.  He's ready to fight when he gets shoved, as he's shown a few times.

Finn and Blaine finally had it out.  I liked the way Finn apologized to Blaine for being such a jerk to him, and how they worked it out.  The New Directions members all started working together, which they hadn't been.  Their musical numbers showed it.  I thought all of the groups were quite talented, actually.

Finn has really evolved in his attitudes towards gay guys.  Last episode's handling of him trying to help Santana come out at Finn's pace for her was clumsy.  However, he treats Kurt and Blaine as his equals.

The Rachel and Quinn and the Chang family parts of the episode weren't thrilling to me.  I was glad the plot with Mike and his dad was resolved.  That wasn't bad, but it just wasn't integrated with the other plots, in my opinion.

So, another uneven episode, but better than the previous two.  And yay for the fanservice.
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