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Monday so far

It was kind of busy.  I made it to an appointment, then did a number of errands.  I went to a very busy gas station and had to circle the pumps several times.  The gas tank on my old Cavalier is on the passenger side, which makes it awkward, especially since I'm not that good at reversing.  Well, I don't reverse neatly.  I lost a place that opened at the pumps because I was trying to make a circle and another car got in.  I eventually got a space.  In New Jersey they pump the gas for you.  In Pennsylvania you have to do it yourself.  It's not a fun task for me.  I ran a couple more errands, including going to the grocery store.

I got the Heirloom Roses ( catalog today.  They've made the print catalog small, but say they have the full catalog on the web.  I've been to their website many times.

I've been reading through the pages of the TV Tropes entries on Glee:

I just lost six paragraphs when I tried to save this.  I'll see what I can reconstruct.

I noted that a number of the actors from Glee, among many other celebrities, attended a Trevor Project event in Los Angeles, and it reminded me of how the Gays of Our Lives event was partly to benefit the Trevor Project, and partly AIDS-Hilfe Köln.  Lisabea said that Dennis G. himself explained to her about the Trevor Project.  I would have explained it, as I was familiar with it.  It's good to see that it's getting to be so well-known.  It's certainly a good cause.  AE had pictures from the event in L.A., and promises video interviews with some celebrities.

Later: AE got a brief interview with Darren Criss, who is hugely popular there on AE.  I'm sure some members still suspect that a conspiracy of fourteen-year-old girls joined AE just to vote Darren Criss to number one of the AE Top 100 Hottest Guys.  I don't think I even knew the name of the actor who played Blaine at that point, as I'd only recently jumped on the Glee bandwagon at that point.  I'm also a long way from being fourteen.  I may have pointed out that I'd made a lot of comments on AE by then, that I wasn't a newcomer.

Back to what was the original posting, I was thinking about bullying in real life and what's portrayed on TV, and how some of the actors on Glee are involved in anti-bullying campaigns.  TV Tropes mentioned, and I had seen elsewhere, that Max Adler, who played Dave Karofsky, is involved with anti-bullying campaigns.  TV Tropes puts it as "Mean Character/Nice Actor."  As seen in the latest episode of Glee he was on, Karofsky had mellowed a lot, and taken what I thought of as considerable steps towards accepting himself.  He called it "baby steps," but I was of the opinion he'd come a long way.

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