neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Friday so far

Last night: I finished up some editing.

Today: I'm debating whether to go to the secondhand bookstore.  It's their bag sale day, I think, in which customers can get as many books as they can fit into a small bag for $14 or so.  Some manage to fit a fair amount of books in there.

More later...

Slightly later: I ventured out, though not to the bookstore.  The blue sweet violet has five or six flowers on it now, and the pink sweet violet is blooming now as well, with a couple of blossoms.  One of the buds on 'Duchesse de Brabant' is fat -- just-about-ready-to-open size -- and a couple of others are showing color.  The bud on 'Maman Cochet' is slowly growing.  It has a chunk eaten out of it near the bottom, but hopefully will still open and have the petals on the other side be okay.

The pineapple sage continues to bloom.  It usually gets frost-bitten after it's been blooming for a few days, if that, so I didn't realize it would bloom for a month or so.

It's clear out, if somewhat cold.
Tags: books, flowers, garden

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