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garden club holiday party

S.M. called me at 9:30 in the morning.  I had gone to bed relatively early for me -- 1:00 a.m. -- but was still pretty tired.  I lay down again for a few minutes, then got up and got going.  I remembered to bring the cookies to E.'s.  There was a pretty full house.  J.C. was away, but there were two new garden club members.  J.D. kept the business meeting part relatively short, then we had appetizers.  We chatted for a while, then started on the big lunch.  Someone had brought ham.  There was a pineapple dish with a bread pudding sort of consistency.  It was very good.

Generally it was fun.  S.M. talked about watching football, and G.A. started talking about how baseball players pat each other on the butt.  It seemed like she was trying to start a "That's homoerotic and homoeroticism is icky" argument.  I thought about talking about the difference between homosocial and homoerotic (though it can be a fine line with athletes), and how some of us -- well, I -- were just fine with homoeroticism.  Nobody actually took her bait, though.

Nobody else tried to start an argument.  Everybody else was very pleasant.  There were two tables this time, one in the dining room and one in the kitchen.  I sat in the dining room, and S.M. sat next to me.  After dinner I sat in the kitchen with S.(S.) and D.S. for a while.  D.S. complained how you couldn't just automatically say "Merry Christmas" to anyone, that you needed to say "Happy holidays."  J.M. and I talked about it with them to some extent.  I said that the separation between church and state was enforced more in schools now than it had been.  E. came over to talk about tolerance towards people of other than Christian religions, too.  I suppose that growing up in Germany during and after World War II doesn't necessarily give someone the most enlightened attitude towards non-Christians.  I'll have to talk to D.S. about it sometime.

Some of the women in the group are more open to diversity than others, that's for sure.

I went to S.M.'s house after the party.  I experimented with a route that ended up being pretty circuitous and took me nearly through the tail end of the Main Line.  I eventually made my way to a road near S.M.'s house.  The first thing she had me do was give her computer lessons.  We practiced saving attachments from e-mail into her documents, and opening them with Word.

I played the CD with some of the Glee songs I'd gotten.  I played a couple of versions of "Defying Gravity" first.  When S. heard the first vocals of Chris Colfer's solo version, she said, "She has a nice voice."

"He," I said.  She said that after she'd listened to it a tiny bit, she could tell it was a boy singing.  I played the Lea Michele and Chris duet version.  I said Lea had been a theater star for some years.  S.M. liked the voices of all of the singers she heard -- Lea, Chris, Darren Criss and Jonathan Groff.  She was also asking who was playing the instruments.  I had no idea about that.

For "Defying Gravity," S. went to the piano and played notes on it to see what the high note in the song was.  For the duet version, she said it was F sharp.  I think that's what she said.  Well, she was a music teacher for many years, and still plays piano every night.  She seemed to enjoy the songs I played.  Surprisingly, she liked "Total Eclipse of the Heart" quite a lot.  I said that had been one of my favorite songs long before I heard the Glee version.

S.M. showed me some of the clothes she'd gotten for a needy family.  This was through her church, I think, matching someone up with a needy family.  She said it was a mother and four children.

P.M. called, and the sisters talked for a while.  S.M. and I talked about some of the more argumentative members of garden club.  When I mentioned G.A. trying to start something, and what I thought she was trying to start, S.M. said, "But gays are some of the best people."  It was along those lines, but she had a lot of praise.  She knows how I feel.

I agreed with her, of course, on "Some are very creative."  I thought of some creative people I knew personally.  S. came to mind.  Not that he seems to be particularly artistic in any way, but his conversations are certainly creative.   

We went back to the computer so I could teach her more about shopping on Amazon.  We'd had "shopping on Amazon" lessons before, because if there's one thing I know, it's that.  She was looking for nose pads for her glasses.  It took a few tries of narrowing down the search, but we found some.  That's one of the things that it's easier to see in person, I think.  We discussed it, and I had the opinion that any of them would leave a sticky residue, which she was worried about.

I'll have to teach her about iTunes next.  It was four by the time we finished that shopping on Amazon lesson, and she said I should get going so I didn't run into the really bad rush hour traffic on [busy road].  The traffic actually wasn't that bad, considering.
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