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*Spoilers for tonight's episode of Glee.*

I wasn't happy with how things with Finn were handled.  Finn didn't get told off by anybody for outing Santana.  He didn't even really apologize.  It was all just kind of okay that he did it.  Not approved of, but not something he needed to apologize for.  I'm sure Christie, who does the recaps for AE, will hate it.

I taped the episode downstairs.  Dad watched a few minutes of it.  He said that the boy in the red shirt with the sweater over it had set off his gaydar.  This was within ten minutes, and Kurt just saying a few words.  I confirmed that the character was gay.  "He came out early in the first season," I said, among other things.  It reminded me of the characters on the show assuming Kurt was gay before he officially came out.  Uly and I had a conversation about boys assumed to be gay.

"He had a nice tenor," Dad said.  Perhaps it was, "He had a nice tenor, though."  Something along those lines, complimenting the singing voice.

"Sometimes he sings countertenor," I said.  I'm still trying to work out vocal ranges.  Perhaps I'll play some Glee songs for Mom and Dad.  Mom would appreciate the show tunes.  Dad actually has quite a good knowledge of music.

Kurt and Blaine were sweet, and I thought their duet was very good.  Kurt was very supportive of Santana, and she was disdainful.  I think the other Glee club members appreciated how Kurt and Blaine were supportive.

There's a Sue/Cooter/Coach Beiste love triangle, which was not pretty.  Coach Beiste sang a nice song, though.  She has a good voice.  There was Puck and Shelby plot, and it was rather horrifying, in a student/teacher totally inappropriate way.  Finn's song was really bad.

It wasn't Kurt's week.  First he was suspected of stuffing the ballot boxes so he'd win as senior class president.  It turned out it was Rachel.  Burt Hummel won his Congressional race.  I guess I'll just have to suspend a lot of disbelief for a character on a show as a Representative.  It didn't bother me that they were running.

Kurt applied for the college he wanted, with Blaine being supportive.  That was also sweet.  The parts of the episode with Kurt and Blaine, and Kurt and Burt, were good.

Santana came out to her grandmother, and it went very badly.  She said her parents were okay with it, though.  I was afraid she'd end up homeless.  It happens.

Some of the scenes with Santana were good, and Brittany seemed to be supportive of Santana, to her possibly limited understanding.  I prefer to think that Brittany understood what was going on.  She has at times understood.  I think it depends who's writing her.

Parts of the episode were bad, with a few better parts.  I hope things improve.

Edited to add: Much later I saw a cut scene in which Santana came out to the Cheerios.  I wish that scene had been left in.  It would have made me feel considerably better about the episode.
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