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Tuesday so far

I'm glad that I got out when it was nice out yesterday, because it's raining now.  The new episode of Glee is on tonight.  I'm doing some editing, and will probably go with Dad when he goes to get dinner -- or just go myself.  He's thinking Subway.  He was sorting out Subway coupons.

I called S.M. and told her I'd like her to listen to some of the songs from Glee -- some of the cleaner ones -- and tell me what she thought of the actors' voices.  Some were theater stars before their turns on Glee.  You can tell the trained voices from the untrained ones, in my opinion.  She was a music teacher for many years, and would be able to tell me the vocal ranges of the actors.  I think she'd enjoy the songs, too, at least the Broadway songs and maybe some of the lighter pop songs.

Later: S.M. got my message and called back.  She invited me back to her house after garden club on Thursday to see her new kitchen.  I said she could listen to the music from Glee, then, too.
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