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Monday so far

It's another nice day out, and I decided I'd better take advantage of it.  I tried to figure out how to get the camera on my new phone working, and took some pictures of flowers.  The first was a picture of sorts itself, my tattoo.  The outline is from the 'Dove' rose photo in the first edition of Martyn and Rix's Roses.  It's colored in pink, and 'Dove' is white, so it's not accurate there, but the shape is faithful.

Then I went outside and took pictures of the pineapple sage blossoms, my sweet violets, and the bud of 'Maman Cochet'.  I enjoyed the fragrance of the sweet violets.  I took pictures of the rosemary, too.  It never flowered, but it's healthy.

I want to get more pictures of my tattoo, pictures that aren't so blurry.

Later: I did some editing.  We're getting into the Christmas stories.

I did a marathon of the second half of the second season of Glee.  You can practically see Kurt getting taller from season to season, and as the seasons progress.  I read somewhere that the actor has gotten five inches taller from when the show started.

There were really good second-season episodes, and then there were not-so-good ones.  It varied a lot.  However, there was still a lot to enjoy with some of them.
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