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I note here that the Kindle version of Marjorie Liu's book Tiger Eye is free this week.  Dear Author lists them by publisher, and it's Avon.  It was a hard one for me to find in paperback when I started collecting the Dirk & Steele books.  Now I have another novel I can read on my phone.

I ventured out.  It was damp and windy.  It wasn't terribly cold, though.  I picked the biggest bud from 'Duchesse de Brabant'.  It has a notch out of the side of it, but the inner petals should still be okay.  The sepals are well down, and the bud looked just about ready to open.  I put floral preservative in the vase, so that should hopefully keep it good for a while.

I did some editing.  This week it's a superhero romance.

Looks like my biggest completed accomplishment today will be laundry.  Mom wanted to go to Macy's, and I did not.  I told her she was welcome to go herself, but she prefers shopping with people to shopping by herself.  I didn't think today would be a good day to go to the mall.

If it's relatively nice out on Friday, I'll probably go to Longwood Gardens for a while.  I don't know how busy that would be, but I'm sure much quieter than the malls.  They're equipped to handle a large capacity of people, like they do in the Christmas season.  It's a bit odd to me that Christmas seems to be their busiest season, but the lighted trees and decorated conservatories are pretty.

Added: The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane is free as a Kindle book.  I don't know for how long, or what kind of promotion it is.  Some of my online pals are big fans of the Brothers in Arms series.  The reviews said it was a wallpaper historical, so I'll see if I can go with the suspension of disbelief.

I found a couple of free stories from Bonnie Dee on Smashwords, after looking around.  The titles are Four Kisses and Shifter P.I.: Werewolf Detective.  I know her as a Samhain author, but she's got a few more books on Smashwords.  A couple look pretty good.  Next time I go shopping there, I'll have to keep her in mind.  I read Shifter: P.I.  It was pretty gory.  I think the Samhain books are much milder than that.

Later: I read Four Kisses.  It was a contemporary, and mild in a good way.

I read Avowed, by K.C. Beaumont, one that was on sale from Rainbow eBooks.  I kept thinking, "A woman wrote this," because of the style and tone of the romance.  It was a pretty classic star-crossed young lovers story.

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