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TeddyPig put up a couple of recipes, which made me hungry.  One involved a lot of basil.  I tried to grow it this year, but it never thrived, and died off pretty quickly.  It was one of the plants I potted up in April during the garden club container gardening class at [large independent garden center].  That was in the square blue-and-white ceramic pot.  Perhaps the soil mix was too heavy.  I still have the rosemary and lemon thyme that I put in a long grey windowbox-style container.  The thyme got a little leggy.  I think some of the bottom leaves dried up when there was a drought in July.  The rosemary did really well, though.  I'm thinking of bringing that it.  It's a question of where to put it.

The lemongrass and pineapple sage got pretty big.  The lemongrass got to be at least four feet tall, and the pineapple sage three feet tall, and two feet around.  The lemongrass doesn't get big enough in one year to use the roots for cooking, but I just like having it around.  I was sorry I didn't find patchouli this year.  I have plenty of patchouli incense, and I think some fragrance oil or essential oil, but I enjoy being able to rub the leaves of the plant and get the fresh patchouli scent.  Some year when I do find it, I should try to dry some leaves.

The chives did well, and the lemon balm.  I've got to get more bee balm, as we dug that up when we planted the first-year roses in what used to be the herb garden.  I don't remember if the elecampane bloomed, and you'd think I'd remember that.  It has foot-long leaves, and the flower stalks get to be about four feet tall, with flowers rather like small sunflowers.  Yellow, disc and ray, likely in the daisy family -- I think the scientific name is the Compositae family.

Hopefully the sweet violets will get through the winter.  They're in big pots with a couple of the tea roses.  I think the violets have a better chance of getting through the winter than the tea roses do.  I also hope they spread out.  I'd get more of those.  The Old Garden Roses that are in the ground on the north side of the house did well.  I wasn't actually living at the house at the time, but came back a lot to see them.

I don't think the caraway thyme made it, but I'll look for that again at the herb sale next year.  They generally have a couple dozen kinds of thyme.  The naturalized spearmint showed up for a while, then got leggy with a few little leaves at the ends of long stems.  The chocolate mint did pretty well, I think.  The cardinal flower was very pretty, and I should have gotten pictures of that.  The flowers are an intensely saturated red.

Another thing I want to get more of in late April or May is jasmine.  I love having jasmine around.  The tiger lilies did very well.  I think Dad was using the Deer-Off spray while they were in bud, so they made it to bloom this year.  Tiger lilies are up there among my favorite flowers.  I like Oriental lilies, too.  The colchicum was pretty.  I should get more of it.  Dad planted tulips and Tete-a-Tete daffodils recently.

The deer recently ate half of the sweet bay magnolia shoots.  The main stem of the tree died from being girdled over the winter, but it was trying to come back.  I think that now it's been discovered animals are going to continue to go after it.  The winterberry did well this year.  One of the lilacs bloomed and one didn't.  I'm not sure what was up with that.

Considering I was officially living at the apartment from March up to July, I did pretty well as far as getting plants and seeing them blooming.  I was pleased with myself for planting all the herbs I got at the herb sale right away, and most of the roses relatively quickly.  I got caladium and I think freesia bulbs, and they didn't get planted, so that was bad.  I may get an amaryllis bulb or two in the next couple of weeks.  They're on sale pretty cheaply by early December.

I have my usual list of herbs to get for next year.  I'd like to get a fuchia, too.  I like the ones with pink centers and white petals (tepals?) or pink petals and white centers.  Some years I get lantana.  The butterflies like that.  I'm sure I'll have much to report in April and May. 
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