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Tuesday day

In which it was raining.  I made several calls to try to get things straightened out with various stuff, and more or less did.  Mom and I went off on a few errands and shopping.  I got my most urgent errands done.  My bills are paid for the month, and that's a relief.  We went to the library amid our trips here and there.  Mom took some papers out of her library bag, and surveyed them.  "Meet me in AV," I said.  Some time later, I went searching for her, looking down the aisles.  No dice.  I went searching again a few minutes later.  She was at the opposite end of a narrowish place where people could sit and read -- chairs, couches, something of a gap between shelves.  "Mom," I said in a loud whisper.  She saw me.  I came up to her and asked why she hadn't met me in AV.

"I thought you meant when I was all done," she said.  "You didn't say 'right away.'"  We established that I'd meant right away.  She looked down the romance aisles for some more books while I sat and read on my phone.  I had gone to AV in the first place to look for the DVD of Cabaret that I'd taken out a few weeks ago but hadn't gotten around to watching before it was due.  I didn't find it.  "Look on the OPAC," she said.  I looked.  The catalog had several CDs listed, but no DVD.

I went back to the AV department and asked the librarian or library assistant at the desk.  He looked it up and said that the DVD was lost.  He made a note of it, and said that it was available from other libraries in the system.  I said, "I might get it through interlibrary loan some other time, but thank you."  I decided to get Rocky Horror.  I had wanted Mom to meet me so she could pick out a musical, but she wasn't enthused, saying she wouldn't have time to watch it anyway.  I got Dreamgirls.  There was a recent episode of Glee that took off of Dreamgirls, and I am curious to see the original.  Mercedes and the others sang songs from that, and events for Mercedes were supposed to be somewhat reflecting the musical.

So much for "two for one DVD" Tuesday at the library.  Mom's car had been in the shop, and I dropped her off so she could get it.  I was glad to get back after all our trips here and there in the rain.  I must have had to wipe the rain off my glasses eight or ten times.

Back home, I got online, typed up a few things, and wondered why I get so many penis enlargement ad e-mails.  At least they're generally caught by the spam filter.  I've been getting them for I suppose as long as I've been using e-mail regularly, which is several years now.  My brother gets all the breast enlargement ads.  We can't figure that out either.

So I have movies to watch, things to read, and editing I can work on tonight.  We made a brief stop at the grocery store, but Mom wants to do more extensive shopping.  She was talking about going at nine at night, since she took tomorrow off.  I don't know if it would be less busy than this afternoon by then or not.

Perhaps I'll try to get to the secondhand bookstore tomorrow, since I didn't make it today.  They have a big Black Friday sale in which almost all books are a dollar.  I expect it will be rather busy.  I'm sure there's plenty I could do to help get ready for it.  I think it would be good for me to get out of the house and be useful.

I will make a note of it somewhere if I finish any books tonight. 
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